Probably the sickest story you’ll ever read

So there I was owning at like 4am in the morning. It wasn’t the normal amount of owning, It was like super sick ownage. It’s pretty hard to describe how much i was owning because words can’t fathom how much ownage occurred at the point. You’re probably asking yourself wow mac, 4am? that’s pretty early why are you getting up at such an early time? Well that answer is mind ur own business lol get mad as well xd. I hope any 1 reading this blog drinks bleach and kills themselves (unless ur Kassie). Yes that means you, Mason just wasting my main bro Kassie’s time… Even tho she sold her soul for $19/Hr that doesn’t mean you can just buy her heart with a shiny new metal house that moves. So if you probably heard (cause i’m super famous) I don’t really play Runescape anymore and I know it will come as a shock to many of my loyal subscribers and fans of this website ( all 2 of you), but It’s for the best. I’ve recently meet someone new in my life and has given me new purpose to pursue something else. And that passion is now becoming a big writer and putting our my new novel which i’m sure will win me a Nobel prize for best book of the century. I know I will win for sure because I have the best mechanics known to man. I once went 100-0 Vs Bots in League of Legends and I don’t want to brag, but they were on intermediate difficulty.

I think I need to go to the doctor after this post because I just played a league game with some monkeys and it was a tragedy. I need to go and check myself out to make sure I didn’t get any type of cancer or diseases from that gameplay. It was a honest tragedy and i’m convinced I am in a monkey cage elo. I remember the good ol days of league of legends where you could openly flame people and call them orphans with parents who killed themselves to avoid them. It’s even frowned upon to ask how their orphanages are doing and whether or not they are getting feed because I know they are living in complete poverty and are freaks irl.

Idk what else to write about so i’ll leave you with some sick quote

“I hope a violin grows in your heart.

So the cancer has something to play with” ~ Grab XD


TY all for reading and until next time!! 10/10 post btw get mad nerds

just ate coca rice krispy ceral was sik

alright so it like 5:45am right now and i’m just owning. like you think damn that mac guy always owning right, but naw i’m like owning owning right now. If i had to describe how badly i’m owning right now i would be speechless because i am actually owning. so anyway i try to watch this anime called Clannad but i can’t get into it. it supposed to be some really sad romantic type thing that hit u right in the feels ya know what i mean. Idk why i’m tryin to watch it but my niggas be like hey yo mac u watch dat clannad yet my nigga and i’m like naw son i’m just owning i’ll watch it eventually. So here i am just finished episode 3 not even impressed shit boring as fuck but yolo bay life u know what i mean. I so tired right now but it ok cuz i’m big owner. I got pic of owning 10/10 quality might make into gif. so my nigga Hai from Cloud 9 (A league of Legends Pro Gaming Team) got a chance to go to GAMESCON which is like some convention for real niggas. He got the chance to meet IU (Famous Korean Singer/Actress?) She so cute people call her Korean’s little sister or some shit. here pic if you don’t believe me ”
Idk how you post images on this garbage website so you click dat shit or copy paste ight dont make me figure it out cuz niggas is mad tired about to knock out ok. Real talk tho she mad pretty but not more than Michelle ok u mad or what lmfao. jk if she find out about this blog ima get flamed srs 10/10 srs like u don’t even know how srs i am. Ok but then my nigga like hey yo this Korean actress is like 50 and got a hotass 30 year old daughter and they both banging and i was like what no way idot stop lying to me. so he gave me pic and i was like wtf idot u tryna rat me kid??? i almost had to whip out the ags on him but he don’t want it in the streets (jk i’m 71 str idot range tank ownage) he knew his place he stopped after that but i give u guys pic anyway cuz we #m8s u know what i mean. jk only mason and his wife read this roof u better not leak or we fight irl at ur marriage and im going to show u how strong my 71 str is idot ur like 60 str lmfao!!! u so weak. here is pic anyway ”
ok idk what else to put on this blog post so i finish with my nigga kassie say she email her m8s half of a finished blog post but i no get which mean she dont think im m8 so im like </3 right now when i used to be like ❤ u get me fam.

I try 2 sleep but no work wat do

I’m in a big dilemma. I can’t sleep and been up for like 2 days str8. was just owning like every other day but for some reason the past 2 days i been big owner. u know what im sayin like str8 feasting on niggas left and right. I own so much i can’t even sleep becuz i dream about owning even more and just wake up after like 30 seconds of sleeping. I try to ask mason wat 2 do but he never on cuz he always with my m8 kassie. i know it her birthday and stuff all the time but he need make time for his m8 mac ok. i know u read this and be like dayum why didn’t he tell me he write so good blog posts and not tell me about. i hope my good m8 kassie read this too cuz we super m8s. we even theived once in runescape at ardoudnge. we owned for like 29 straight minutes on that master farmer. he didn’t know what hit him cuz we stole like 200+ seeds from him. Idk how he master farmer if he keeps getting his shit stolen u know what i’m saying??? ya get mad idot. i been watching a alot of anime as of late and owning at same time. I get rly sad because one of my favorite ones finished and i wasn’t satisfied with the amount of episodes and think it got so much more potential. if idots like mason no ruin everything mayb show run longer. idk mason always ruins things like once i was just chilling and owning and he was like hey mac u wanna help me transfer items and im like uhhh ye gimmie a minute and he yell @ me like he know me. im like niggas u dont know me so dont act like u know me. but little does he know he actually sort of know me. u know what im saying??? damn idk why i own so much like right now as u read this im just owning like 10/10 owning. idk how one person can own this much like seriously they should just take pic of me and hang on museums cuz i own so much. idk if u will ever amount to anything close to me mason cuz im like 10/10 big owner. u only like mayb 6/10. well time to go back to watch anime cuz i own so much i tell u what anime and stuff when i see u next time u better reply to my post idiot i take like 2 min to write this all and i dont want it to be wasted time ok???? cya idot virgin lmfao get mad faggot !!!!!

my friend mason who in wheelchair 10/10 story np 4 carry

he is just boy in wheelchair. he wheels himself from one side of the rv to another. he doesn’t know how to play runescape properly so he ask his gr8est m8 kassie to wheel him around. he is almost good player on runescape but he can’t train becuz of his condition. he try to join navy but no work. they say his legs no work and his feet r to small. he once try to lifegaurd ppl but he just let em drown becuz his leg no work. he got fire from work and has no job now. he tell his friend mac to pick a career for him becuz he no work ethic. only thing he good for is telling people how to spell and he just told me literally 20 seconds ago his dream is crushed. i just say lmfao lol u mad or what idiot. just confirmed he is super mad lmfao little do he know i dont care hahahaha!!! when he read this he probably have smile on his face like omg he was right!!! now he still reading this thinking wow this guy is so good at this game wish i cud be like him.!!!!!
yeah thats exclamation marks after a period u mad or what idot lmfao!!!!